Sunday, August 5, 2018

Baking soda for Under Eye Bags

Add a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of sizzling water or chamomile tea and blend
Soak two cotton pads in the mixture and position them under your eyes
Leave them on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse your face and apply a moisturizer.

Repeat every day for two weeks. 

Facial Lotion for Sensitive Skin

3 Tablespoons Shea Butter
3 Tablespoons Rose Hip Oil
1 teaspoon Vitamin E
1 teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel
5 drops Helischrysum EO
5 drops Myrrh EO

3 drops Clary Sage EO

Whip the Shea Butter with a whisk or an electric mixer with whisk attachment.  Next add the Rose Hip Oil, and the rest of the ingredients, in order, mixing well after each addition. 


Here are some powder recipes that I've gathered through the years

Simply Lavender Dusting Powder
·         1 c. arrowroot powder
·         112 c. cornstarch
·         1/4 c. baking soda
·         3 Tbsp very finely ground lavender buds
·         70 drops lavender essential oil
Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk. Add essential oil one drop at a time,
whisking as you go
. Break up any clumps that may form with your fingers.
Cinnamon Spice Dusting Powder
·         1-112 c. arrowroot powder or cornstarch
·         1/4 c. cosmetic clay
·         1/8 c. baking soda
·         2 tsp ground cinnamon
·         2 tsp ground nutmeg
·         20 drops cinnamon essential oil
·         10 drops clove essential oil
·         30 drops vanilla essential oil (optional)
Combine all dry ingredients a large bowl with a whisk. Add essential oil one drop at a time,
whisking as you go. 
Refreshing Peppermint Dusting Powder
·         1-112 c. arrowroot powder or cornstarch (or a combination of the two)
·         112 c. baking soda
·         3 Tbsp very finely ground dried peppermint leaves
·         20 drops peppermint essential oil
·         20 drops lemon essential oil (optional)
Combine all dry ingredients a large bowl with a whisk. Add essential oil one drop at a time,
whisking as you go.

Homemade Dusting Powder Basics: Base Powders
Cosmetic Clay This offers extra drying powder, and is an excellent addition in small doses to
any dusting powder combination you choose. It's going to help the powder adhere even more to
the skin (though in a VERY light layer)
Baking Soda Again, you'll want to use this in smaller proportions in your body powder, but it
gives extra efficient deodorizing power and it even helps soften the skin a bit.
Other Base Powders for Dusting Powder
·        Rice flour
·        Com flour
·        Oat flour
·        Garbanzo bean ( chickpea) flour
Dusting Powder Basics: Ground Herbs and Flowers
You want to use fragrant and/or soothing herbs for your dusting powder - and you want to grind
them into as fine of a powder as humanly possible. This will most likely involve a coffee grinder,
spice grinder, or superbly efficient food processor.
Great herbs and flowers to consider:
·        Rose petals/buds
·        Jasmine buds
·        Lavender buds
·        Chamomile
·        Calendula
·        Yarrow
·        Peppermint
·        Spearmint
·        Cinnamon (or nutmeg) in small amounts
·        Cocoa powder (in small amounts)
·        Neem powder (extra deodorizing)

·        Vanilla beans (insides scraped out, or beans cut into larger pieces to "steep" in the
After you've ground the herbs or flowers that need to be ground, you'll want to sift out the bigger
parts. Use a fine mesh sieve, and  another pass with a cheesecloth.
Dusting Powder Basics: Essential Oils
Essentially, you can choose any oils your little heart desires. Great essential oils to choose from:

Sweet orange
Rose otto or absolute
Rose geranium
Sweet basil
1.      For one recipe (which will last months and months) use 1 to 2 c. base powder like any of
the flours, arrowroot, or cornstarch.
2.      Use 1/4 to 1/2 c. baking soda and/or clay.
3.      Use no more than 3-4 Tbsp very finely ground herb/flower.
4.      Use no more than 50-75 drops essential oil (single or in combination) - depending on
how fragrant you want the powder to be.
5.      Add all dry ingredients together and stir with a whisk to combine.
6.      As you're adding the essential oils, continue stirring with the whisk. You don't want the
oils to clump
7.      If you do end up with clumps, just break them up with your fingers.
Put the powder in a decorative jar, martini shaker, or homemade crafty container with very small
holes poked in the lid (I
'm working on one right now using a metal cylindrical container that
used to house cookies).
Apply after showering to slightly damp skin, or right after applying body oil.
Or, pop a little into some shoes that have started to smell a little off - totally refreshed. It's